No doubt you’ve been seeing the massive amount of news reports and rising concern regarding the Coronavirus

    (also known as Covid-19). 


    With all the uncertainty, this can be an unsettling time for all of us.  The stakes are high for those of us who are care providers and for

    those whose medical situations are already compromised.  We’re reaching out to you to let you know we share your concern and have

    been developing a plan in the event our services are impacted by the virus. Be assured that  LACRC/SCDDS staff are working diligently      

    following all CDPHE and CDC health regulations.   


    Our services are continuing “as is”, with the exception of some services provided by Case Management and Early Intervention where the

    state is requiring the use of telecommunication (telephone, Skype or other electronic forms of communication) versus face to face meetings

    for staffings and other non-emergency situations.  Please reach out to your Case Manager or Early Childhood team for additional

    information.  The Agency is taking the COVID-19 pandemic one day at a time. 


    All LACRC staff is assuring the highest quality of care for each of our individuals in services. Expect that we will talk with individuals

    and teams about what, if any, protections may need to occur to best support the health and safety of our most vulnerable individuals.


    The following links are COVID-19 information sites that are updated daily or hourly as needed:

                                Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 
                                Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE)
                                Las Animas County Rehabilitation Center (LACRC) please contacts us at (719) 846-3388 with any questions or      



    LACRC will continue to keep in touch as to how we will provide supports to the individuals we serve if any changes occur and this

    web site will be updated daily or hourly as needed.


 March 16, 2020 Update:  LACRC Day Program services will be suspended effective 3/17/20 for at least two weeks or until

       further notice.  Community employment services will continue as scheduled.

      Please do not hesitate to reach out if you  have questions or are in need of assistance.